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Frequently asked questions

Why should I do a juice cleanse?

Juice cleansing gives your body the opportunity to replenish and detoxify. Because you are having a break from solid foods, the digestive system is able to rest and rejuvenate, whilst your body is cleansed and completely hydrated by a beautiful influx of liquid nutrition. Given the amount of toxins that our livers need to process in today’s environment, a juice cleanse such as this is the perfect antidote. No matter what your current diet and lifestyle, you can benefit from a FINN COLD PRESS juice cleanse. We have created three levels to accommodate all varieties of cleansers. Benefits may include glowing skin, brighter eyes, improved energy and mental clarity, improved digestion, and a general feeling of wellbeing.

What is different about FINN COLD PRESS Cleanse?

Our cold-pressed juices are 100% organic and living. We have gone to great lengths to source the best possible produce from local farms. We have also carefully combined ingredients according to naturopathic principles to ensure that you will extract the most nutrition out of each juice. Each drink has been thoughtfully crafted to showcase the nutritional talents of its ingredients, and deliver powerful nutritional benefits.

Can I exercise during a juice cleanse?

Exercise is very important for elimination and detoxification. If you didn’t exercise pre-cleanse, even some gentle walking is enough to get the circulation and lymphatic system moving. If you are a regular exerciser, we recommend choosing light forms of movement during a juice cleanse, such as gentle yoga, swimming, light cardio, walking and stretching.

Can I do a juice cleanse if I’m pregnant?

Our advice is generally no. Pregnancy is a time for building and nourishing, and although the juices are extremely nutrient dense, they also encourage a strong detoxification of the body, which is not ideal when pregnant.

Can I take my normal prescription medication while cleansing?

Yes. Do not stop taking any prescribed medication, and always check with your healthcare professional before beginning a juice cleanse if you have any health condition.

Do I need to take a multivitamin?

No. You will be gaining amazing, high quality, organic nutrition from your juices. It is also good to see how your body responds to the juices alone.

Can I leave out some of the juices if I am full – do I need to drink all of them?

Ultimately you need to listen to your own body. Remember to drink the juices slowly, sipping on them over 10 – 15 minutes (or longer) is ideal. If you are not feeling hungry, don’t force it, however you will get best results be consuming as much of the juicy goodness provided for you.

Will I be hungry?

It is normal to experience a few mild hunger pangs whilst juice cleansing. Although your body is receiving an influx of stellar nutrition, the absence of solid food will take some time for the body to adjust to. We recommend a short deep breathing exercise (outlined in the FINN COLD PRESS Cleanse Pack) to refocus and move through these times. Alternatively, going for a walk, or treating yourself in another way such as having a massage, watching a movie etc is a good distraction.

Can I eat during the juice cleanse?

It’s up to you. We recommend that you try to stick with the cleanse as outlined as this will achieve the best results. However, ultimately this is not about deprivation and you need to listen to your body. First ask yourself if you truly need to eat something, or if you are doing it out of habit or to satisfy emotional or other needs. If you feel that you do need to eat something, there are a number of small snacks to choose from:

  • ¼ avocado sprinkled with sea salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • A small handful of almonds, if possible soaked overnight and well rinsed
  • A banana, a green apple, a pear or a handful of berries, sliced and sprinkled with 1 tbs chia seeds
  • Be sure to eat slowly and chew well, and choose organic ingredients where you can.

I am going to the bathroom a lot – is this normal?

Yes. A lot of the vegetable juices that you will be consuming are diuretic in nature, meaning they encourage release of fluids and waste via the kidneys. The volume of liquid that you will be consuming will be greater than you body is normally used to and it will take time some time to adjust to this.

I’m constipated, what should I do?

When we stop putting solid food into our bodies, the digestive system naturally slows down and sometimes this can mean more difficulty going to the toilet for some people. The bowels can become overwhelmed with the excess waste the cleanse is stirring up and may slow to a stop. Also, if caffeine is normally a habit for you, your bowels may be dependent on it too as caffeine is a stimulant to the bowels. This may be another reason for their lack of action – which is why it is great to reduce and eliminate coffee prior to cleansing. It’s important to keep your bowels moving to prevent toxins being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. If you are having any difficulty, one option is to add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to any of your juices or milks. Gentle exercise, abdominal massage, dandelion root tea, and aloe vera juice are all self-help strategies that can assist. Some supplements such as magnesium may also be of use. You will find more detailed information in the welcome to the cleanse booklet, along with some other suggestions.

How long will my juices last?

Our juices are cold pressed, unpasteurized, raw and contain no additional preservatives. They will last for three days from your start date. If you have chosen a 5 day cleanse, you will receive 2 deliveries, one for the first three days, and one for the last two.

Who should not participate in a juice cleanse?

You should also avoid cleansing in the following situations:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • If you have an eating disorder
  • Kidney or liver disease
  • If you are underweight

You should seek your doctor’s advice if you have a blood sugar regulation issue (diabetes, hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia) or any other medical condition.

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