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Greens Smoothies - Access those nutrients!


Greens, greens oh greens, don’t you have our hearts. Full of folate, iron and gut loving enzymes, here is a little list of everything we love about green leafy vegetables and why you need to be getting the king of veggies in every single day!

Firstly, green leafy veggies are jam packed with folate, this B vitamin is essential for amino acid production and cell division not to mention it helps in maintaining our digestive health, prevent cardiovascular disease and is most commonly known to help prevent birth defects.They are an anti-aging antioxidant packed powerhouse as they contain vitamin K, beta-carotene, chlorophyll and lutein which provide cellular support, brain protection, anti-inflammatory benefits and ALA omega-3 fatty acids all of which have an overall anti-aging effect on the body, keeping our cells happy and healthy. Chlorophyll in particular has a neutralizing effect on aflatoxins, which are produced by fungi and are highly carcinogenic. It also helps increase red blood cell count, improves intestinal flora, boosts immunity and assists in wound healing. That’s just a few of the amazing benefits of this phytonutrient.

Green vegetables are also jam packed with living enzymes which promote the cellular detoxification of toxins. The enzymes in greens are at their most powerful when kept raw as cooking them can destroy them which in turn can deregulate the body’s natural enzyme production process after a prolonged period of time. Cold pressed juicing greens helps to maintain all their vitamins, minerals and enzymes as there is no heat being introduced to destroy their living goodness.

Then there’s blending - blending greens breaks down their cell walls allowing the body to more easily and rapidly absorb all of the amazing nutrients mentioned above. Blending also keeps the fiber of the greens intact, helping feed important beneficial gut flora, maintaining stable blood glucose levels and keeping you fuller for longer as you’re likely able to consume more greens in one smoothie than you would in a meal.

So, the take home is to consume as many green leafy vegetables as you can in a day and a great way to do that is by blending or juicing them, which enhances nutrient absorption and allows you to consume larger quantities of these anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, nutrient dense vegetables. If on a cleanse or wanting a grab and go green smoothie a day, our Supergreen Smoothie is the perfect go to!

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