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Nutrition is a vital modulator of health and well-being in older persons. Inadequate nutrition can increase the chances of progression of many diseases.

Malnutrition is regarded as one of the most important contributing factors in the complex etiology of sarcopenia and frailty. Many current beverages targeted towards our ageing population are high in sugar and additives to extend shelf life and improve taste.


We have made it our mission to curate a range of dietician designed smoothies made from locally sourced produce and whole foods to support the health of our ageing population.

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We understand the importance of taste and texture and have considered traditionally loved desserts as our flavour inspirations.

We believe achieving adequate nutrition should be an enjoyable experience.

  • Focus on taste and texture

  • Commonly loved desserts mimicked through natural ingredients

  • No added sugar

  • Adequate protein

  • Essential vitamins + minerals

  • No additives, artificial colours or flavours Supports muscle health

  • Supports a well-balanced diet

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