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Cold-pressed juice maintains the integrity of the fresh produce, enabling your body to absorb the nutrients in their purest form. The juice is extracted by pressing instead of grinding, so vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes remain undamaged, unheated and easily absorbable. Your body acts like a sponge, so by consuming one of our cold-pressed juices you are feeding yourself with a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals from raw, fresh, organic produce. Solid foods can take hours to digest, whereas our cold-pressed juices are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and provide instant nourishment.

At FINN COLD PRESS, we use Cold Pressure, also known as High Pressure Processing (HPP), instead of high heat, to extend shelf life & to help maintain essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes.

HPP is a pasteurization process done in a cold environment. It takes our juices, which have already been packaged and sealed in material that is resistant to water and is flexible, and it then subjects it to a great amount of hydrostatic pressure (which is pressure that is transmitted by water). The pressure can get up to 600 MPa/87,000 psi and can last anywhere from a few short seconds to a few minutes. This amount of pressure is equivalent to being on an ocean floor that has a depth of 60 km (which is 6 times the depth of the deepest part of the ocean).

HPP is respectful of the environment, natural, and retains the freshness - both the taste and nutritional value.

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