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So you’ve probably heard in recent times that every health foodie is sprouting and activating their nuts. You might be wondering what on earth this process entails and why it’s so beneficial for us? Well, it is in fact a very beneficial process that we should all be doing this to our nuts before consuming them and making sure we are purchasing nut products that have been sprouted and activated.

Fresh, raw nuts have a natural defence system which contains enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid which can be toxic to us at higher levels. These enzyme inhibitors found in un-sprouted nuts can interfere with our own digestive enzymes which can result in some of their amazing nutrients not being absorbed effectively. Furthermore, phytic acid can leave some people feeling nauseous, bloated and sluggish after consuming a few too many nuts which isn’t how you want to feel after eating such a nutrient dense food!

This is why we sprout and activate out nuts! By soaking them in warm salty water we start the germination and activation process, which in turn neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid making them a breeze on our digestive systems and allowing our bodies to absorb as many of the vitamins and minerals as it can. Many people who find raw nuts can make them feel less than their best observe that after consuming activated nuts they feel lighter and experience better digestion. Always try and aim to consume nuts in their activated form to gain the full benefits of this wonderful food and to ensure you feel incredible afterwards. It is also worth noting that activated nuts are always dehydrated at a low temperature afterwards to maintain all their nutrients which gives them a beautiful crunch while still keeping them raw. You can find activated nuts at your local Wholefoods store.

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