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The Ranch in Malibu would have to be one of our favourite destinations for a reset. Although idealistic, not everyone has the option of such a structured reset away from the demands of everyday life! You may have heard a lot of health foodies and nutritionists proclaiming the health benefits of juice cleansing and that a couple of times a year. it’s great to take a little ‘food pause’ and cleanse. This can be anywhere from 1 to 5 days depending on how comfortable the person is with cleansing and how many times, if any, they have previously done it for. This might have had you wondering how incorporating a couple of ‘solid food vacations’ a year can help improve your health and wellbeing? Well I’m about to tell you how absolutely amazing solid food vaycay’s really are!

First and foremost, juicing is an amazing way for many of us to get in an abundance of fruits and veggies in one hit. Green juices can have up to 5-7kg of beautiful, fresh and nutrient dense produced jam packed into one little bottle. So, imagine if you’re having around 7 of these a day on a cleanse, that is a sure-fire way to douse your body and cells with a plethora of vitamins and minerals which are easily and readily absorbed. These nutrients are so easily absorbed because of the living enzymes each juice contains, in addition to the fiber being removed via the juicing process, the digestive system has to do very little to break these vitamins and minerals down to be absorbed. Juicing greens is particularly beneficial as our bodies don’t contain the enzymes to break down all of their cell walls, therefore we gain access to all of the incredible nutrients inside those cells once the fiber is removed. When we consume only juices for a certain period of time, giving the digestive system a much-needed break, our bodies can focus on healing and repairing, which in turn, gives us more energy to be used on daily tasks and activities rather than constantly digesting and processing heavy meals.

Now if you’re wanting to do a cleanse to lose 10 kilos before a big event or beach holiday, I hate to break it to you but that’s not going to happen and that’s not what juice cleansing is all about. You may lose a couple of kg’s of water weight from a decrease in sodium intake and you WILL feel super light and your tummy will be feeling a little flatter again and your jeans may fit a little looser. We can all relate with this being a fantastic feeling and super motivating, which can help reset old eating habits to be replaced with more healthful ones, as you experience how good it feels after cleansing to have amazing deep, restful sleep, loads of energy, clearer skin and a soothed, happier stomach and digestive system.

You don’t need to do a 5-day cleanse to experience all of these amazing benefits, even doing 1 to 3-day cleanses once a month or every couple of months will allow you to reap the rewards and feel the true, incredible benefits of cleansing as a result of flooding your body with a plethora of vitamins and minerals. Spring is a fantastic time to cleanse as we come out of Winter and perhaps our bodies are feeling a little more sluggish than they did in summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to reset eating habits that may have gotten a little slack over the cooler months, to regain an abundance of energy and get skin that literally glows in preparation for more makeup-free days in the warmer weather.

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