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Soy milk, cashew, almond, rice, hazelnut or coconut milk, these are just a few of the amazing choices we have to replace the dairy that goes in our daily coffee, smoothie or cereal nowadays. The benefits of taking out the daily dairy and replacing it with a plant-based alternative are numerous and we are going to get you up to speed with all the plant-based ‘mylk’ info.

Calcium is one of the main reasons people try to consume dairy each day, but our friendly plant-based alternatives can have up to 50% more calcium per serve. Furthermore, dairy is highly acidic and there is research to suggest that the acidic effect it has on our systems can actually begin to leach calcium stores from our bones, where the calcium found in different plant-based milks is assimilated very effectively by our bodies, giving us a good portion of our daily calcium needs.

Unsweetened non-dairy milk is usually a lot lower in sugar than cow’s milk which can contain anywhere from 12-17 grams of sugar in just one cup. Although this is natural sugar coming from lactose in cow’s milk, many people find it can give them great digestive upset, blood sugar problems and even allergies. Dairy milk also contains hormones which can interfere with our bodies insulin regulation, which can trigger an excessive insulin response in the body, this can cause weight problems, brain fog and energy slumps which nobody wants!

Plant-based milks are nice and easy on our digestive systems, of course unless you are allergic to nuts or coconut there is usually a plant-based milk alternative out there for everyone. There are so many options now available and it is so easy to make your own. Good quality dairy-free milks often have very simple, whole ingredients meaning the body easily recognizes everything it is consuming and will digest and process it with ease, assimilating all of its nutrients. That being said, plant-based milks are also higher in vitamins and minerals, often containing heart-healthy omega 3’s and vitamin E depending on which type of ‘mylk’ you choose. As we mentioned in the previous article, if the plant-based ‘mylk’ you are consuming contains nuts make sure they are activated for super-charged, nutrient dense drink to add to your smoothies, cooking or cereal bowl each morning!

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