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We recommend that you begin preparing for your cleanse at least two to three days before to encourage a smooth transition. The time it takes to prepare for a juice cleanse varies depending on your current diet and lifestyle. If you tend to have quite a healthy diet including lots of fresh vegetables and wholegrains, drink plenty of water and indulge in the occasional glass of wine, a three day preparation should be perfect. When we talk about preparing for your cleanse, we mean reducing and eliminating coffee, alcohol, sugar, and refined foods. The more you can stick to this plan, the better your results will be. Caffeine is often the most difficult, and can give you a withdrawal headache around day 2 if you haven’t taken steps to reduce it. Our advice for a smooth withdrawal is to halve your intake each day beginning at least 3 days prior. In the day leading up to your cleanse, it is particularly important to focus on including whole, fresh vegetables and fruit, plenty of salads, and be sure to drink plenty of water – aim for 2 litres daily.

For your last meal the evening before you begin, a large, fresh salad is a fabulous choice. One idea is to grab some leafy greens like spinach or lettuce as the base and top with chopped cucumber, capsicum, carrot, sprouts, avocado, celery, olives, and anything else you love. A simple dressing of olive oil and lemon juice is perfect here. You will also need to make some room in your fridge. You are going to need to house anywhere between 6 – 18 beautiful drinks at any one time depending on your chosen length of cleanse, and it is very important that they make it into their new cool home as soon as possible after delivery. It is important to us that you feel supported throughout this process so we have made every effort to ensure an easy and successful cleanse for you.

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