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While cleansing is always an individual experience and no two bodies are the

same, Day 2 is often the most difficult. If you are going to experience any withdrawal or detox symptoms, you are likely to feel them during this day.

Fatigue, irritability, headaches and skin irritations are the most common. But the great thing is that this is your body detoxifying a whole lot of toxins from your tissues and cells, so you are half way there!

If you're feeling particularly hungry today, add a good tablespoon of chia seeds to one or more of your drinks or have a few sips of juice #6. If you are feeling light headed, take it easy, rest for a moment, and drink some Botanica for an instant energy boost.

Before long you will be emerging renewed from a beautiful cleansing cocoon!

Focus on the reasons you chose to do the cleanse in the first place, stay positive and practice mindfulness. Remember to be kind to yourself today as cleansing often brings up hidden emotions and stresses that you may have been hiding away. Just go with it and know that it will soon pass. Go easy on yourself. Nurture your mind and body with some self care.

Do reach out if you would like any more advice or have any questions at all, and feel free to share any pictures on Instagram of your beautiful organic juices tagging #finncoldpress.

Take care!

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